Saturday, February 27, 2010

RePHRAME Meeting Minutes February 25, 2010

RePHRAME Meeting Minutes


February 25, 2010 – 5:30 – 7 PM

Legal Aid Justice Center Building, 123 East Broad St.

Facilitators: Vanessa Valentine, Andrew Schoeneman

Duration: 90 Minutes


Call To Order: 5:40 PM

Attendance: 18

Introductions: Suzie Gourley (MSW Program/Community Organizing), Eric Scott (Food Not Bombs)




Resident Board of Commissioners

-Resolution passed Mon (22nd) Commissioner Marilyn Olds term shortened until Nov. 24, 2011

-Ms.Newbille agreed w/getting more residents on Board of Commissioners

-Currently 3 open seats, need to appoint 2 more/Ceonna application be submitted

-Cora writing formal complaint as a resident to get HUD to notify RRHA about resident participation

-Follow-Up/send thank-you's to all who participated in RRHA notification

-Need 2 volunteers to attend City Council meetings regularly


Partner Organization MOUs

-MOU almost finalized/all partner organizations have been notified (can be adjusted w/partners)

-11 partners-11 week presentations, suggested ending date-March 31st

-Group should think of more potential partner organizations

            ~East End Partnership for Families


CCHD Site Visit

-Submitted application for small grant

-Need to schedule site visit to talk about plans/goals with members of organization (need volunteers)

            ~March 4th @ 1 PM or March 11th @ 5:30 PM/Fay Towers possible meeting location

*RePHRAME not independent-can not qualify for national grants




Tenant Councils

-Strategy-pair up/present RePHRAME info @ their meetings to gain support



-Waiting on updated list of revised resident rights-removing some requirements from 964

-Working on sending out newsletter w/mailing system

-Randolph Community Group-meeting March 2nd @ 6 PM @ Randolph Community Center

-Post minutes on internet/have printed materials ready

-Follow-up with Ms.Sims-tenant council outreach



-RePHRAME endorsing May Day-workshops for RePHRAME/public housing

            ~April 30th-William Byrd Community Library, May 1st-Gallery 5

-VOP-Bake Sales for the State Budget on March 4th @ General Assembly building (9th st.) 8-9 AM

-Ceonna Johnson-leave of absence (medical reasons)

-Curtis Evans spoke on behalf of residents @ General Assembly last week

-Next meeting-March 25th


Adjourn: 6:40 PM