Friday, February 5, 2010

RePHRAME Action Alert!

Dear RePHRAME Members and Supporters,

This is an opportunity for you to take 3 minutes of your time to do something very important for RePHRAME.

On Monday, February 8, City Council will be voting on whether to reappoint the only public housing resident on the RRHA Board of Commissioners.  Commissioners are supposed to serve up to 2 four-year terms.  The current resident commissioner's first term ended in November 2007.  The resident commissioner has served the last 26 months without being formally reappointed.  Now City Council is considering reappointing her for four more years withOUT counting those 26 months as part of her second term.  This means she could serve more than 10 years total as opposed to 8.  It is critical that resident participation in the governing of public housing communities be held to a transparent and consistent process.  Irregularities send a message that integrity is not important, and that the voice of public housing residents can be treated with less care and attention to detail.

Please call and email your City Council representative BY MONDAY MORNING AT THE LATEST, and let her or him know that you are not satisfied with this process, and ask them to reappoint the resident commissioner until November 2011 to include the last 26 months as time served.  Please use the script below as your guide.  If you have any questions, please reply to this email.  Thanks!!!

Pease send a note to rephrame@justice4all letting us know you called or emailed so we know how many people took action. thanks!


Good day.  My name is __________ and I live in the ___ District.  I call you today concerned about the transparency of the RRHA resident commissioner's appointment and reappointment process.  To my knowledge, the resident commissioner's first term expired in November 2007.  I believe the last 26 months should be used as time served for the second term reappointment.  We urge you to restore transparency and integrity to this appointment/reappointment process.  Thank you for your immediate  attention to this matter.

City Council Phone Numbers and Emails:

President Kathy Graziano, District 4
Mobile: 339-8393
Alternate: 640-9594
Office: 320-2454

Vice Chair Ellen Robertson, District 6
Mobile: 314-7658
Office: 646-5724

Bruce Tyler, District 1
Mobile: 357-6007

Charles Samuels, District 2
Mobile: 690-0898
Office: 646-6532

Chris Hilbert, District 3
Office: 646-6055
Mobile: 306-9875

Marty Jewell, District 5
Mobile: 332-3654
Office: 646-5724

Cynthia Newbille, District 7
Office: 646-3012

Reva Trammell, District 8
Office: 646-6592
Mobile: 240-5050

Doug Conner, District 9
Office: 646-6592
Mobile: 512-0500